Synthesis and characterization of novel yellow-green emitting phosphors SrMgSi2O6:Tb3+

Author(s): Yong-Qing Zhai, Jin-Hang Li, Meng-Yao Yang, Lei Zhao

Yellow-green emitting phosphors SrMgSi2O6:Tb3+ were synthesized by gelcombustion method in weak reductive environment. The as-synthesized phosphors were investigated by X-ray powder diffraction analysis (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) and Fluorescence spectrophotometer. The results indicate that SrMgSi2O6: Tb 3+ phosphors possess the similar tetragonal crystal structure as that of Sr2MgSi2O7. The emission spectrumis composed of a series of sharp peaks, located respectively at 473 nm, 491 nm, 547 nm, 585 nm. These emission peaks are ascribed respectively to 5D37F3, 5D47F6, 5D47F5, 5D47F5 transition of Tb3+ ions in SrMgSi2O6 host. The emission peak at 547 nm, 491 nmand 473 nmare all strong, the samples show yellow-green emitting under UV irradiation. Moreover, it is found that the concentration of doped Tb3+ and reductive temperature have great significant effect on the luminescent property of the phosphors.When the concentration ofTb3+ is 14mol%, reductive temperature is 1000 C, the luminescent intensity of SrMgSi2O6:Tb3+ is strongest.

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