Synthesis and characterization of new polyamides bearing á,á-xylyldithiophenoxide units in the main chain: Microwave irradiation, nanostructures

Author(s): Esmael Rostami, Abdolkarim Zare, Masume Zangooei

Newpolyamides containing á,á-Xylyldithiophenoxide Unitswere prepared under microwave irradiation and their solubility, thermal behavior, viscosities and nanostructures were evaluated. These polyamides showed good solubility in a series of organic solvents. The viscosities of these polyamides are in the range of 0.41-0.54 dl/g. Glass transition temperatures are in the range of 214-251°C. Temperatures for 10% weight loss (T10) are in the range of 286-323°C, temperatures for 50% weight loss (T50) are in the range of 463-535°C and char yields are in the range of 21-41%; and these results shows the thermal stabilities of the prepared polyamides. Supramolecular assemblies showed nanostructures.

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