Synthesis and characterization of calcium modified barium titanate ceramics by partial precipitation route

Author(s): Sonia, R.K.Patel, C.Prakash, P.Kumar

CalciummodifiedBaTiO3 (BT) ferroelectric systemwas synthesized by partial precipitation route. For single perovskite phase and dense grain morphology formation 9000Cand 13000C temperatureswere optimized as calcination and sintering temperatures, respectively. Dense packing of grains with average grain size 13.3mwas observed in Ba0.96Ca0.04TiO3 system. Roomtemperature (RT) dielectric constant (r) and dielectric loss (tan) of Ba0.96Ca0.04TiO3 ferroelectric system at 1 kHz were found to be ~1425 and 0.04, respectively. Development of polarization vs. electric field (PE) loopwith Pr5.8C/cm2 and Ec3.5kV/cmconfirmed the ferroelectric nature of theBa0.96Ca0.04TiO3 samples. Transition temperature (Tc) was found to be 1200C at 1 kHz with relaxor behavior.

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