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Sustainable Biodiesel Production from a Newly Isolated Micro-Algal Species Chlorococcum Sphacosum Using a Novel Lipase Immobilised Functionalized Nanobiocataylst

Author(s): Micheal Donatus S, Vijayalakshmi S and Ranjitha J

This research paper is mainly focused on the sustainable biodiesel production from a newly isolated micro-algal strain Chlorococcum sphacosum using a novel lipase immobilised functionalised nano-biocatalyst. In this reaction, the lipase was produced from Aspergillus niger (KP001169) a fungal strain isolated from oil contaminated soil sample collected nearby to the oil industry. The lipase was immobilized with magnetic nanoparticle using co-precipitation method and used as a nano-biocatalyst for the production of biodiesel production. The synthesized nano-biocatalyst enhanced the percentage yield of biodiesel. Using the lipase immobilised magnetic nanoparticles as a biocatalyst achieved maximum percentage yield 88% respectively. The catalyst can be reused more than five times in the biodiesel reaction without any treatment and activity changes and then after sixth cycle there is a loss in the activity of the synthesized nano-biocatalyst. Finally, the Fatty acid methyl esters (FAMEs) composition was characterized using GC-MS analytical technique.

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