Superposition model analysis of spin-hamiltonian parameters for Mn+2 doped in nickel maleate tetrahydrate single crystals

Author(s): R.S.Bansal, Meetu Bharti, S.S.Hooda

The Newman superposition model has been used to investigate the substitution of Mn2+ for Ni2+ site in Nickel maleate tetrahydrate single crystals. The calculated values of the spin-Hamiltonian parameters b0 2, b2 2 and b0 4 at roomtemperature fit the experimental one taken fromthe literature for Mn2+ in NMTH, with average intrinsic parameters calculated as b 2 = - 0.047 cm-1, t2 = 7 and b 4= -0.0008 cm-1, t4=10, and satisfy the empirical equality b 2 > 4b 4. The satisfactory reproduction of experimental values of b0 2, b2 2, and b0 4 indicates that Mn2+ substitutes in place of Ni2+ in the lattice and does not cause appreciable local distortion in the host crystals.

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