Study the Biological, Antioxidant and In Vitro Potential of Phytochemical Constituents Pentamethoxy Flavone from Vitex Negundo

Author(s): Tarun Kumari, Jyotsana Shukla and Smita Joshi

Plant is credited with innumerable medicinal activities like analgesics, antiinflammatory, anticonvulscant, antioxidant, bronchial relaxant, hepatoprotective etc. and has been widely used as a strategy to discover new drug with potential for applications in complementary medicines because they have fewer side effects than conventional drug. The present study that the Vitex negundo is a rich source of phytochemical constituents, which on extraction by methanol with Soxhlets Apparatus gives the soluble methanolic fraction which was chromatographed with column and thin layer chromatography with a gradient of Pet. Ether / CHCl3 / EtOAc / CH3OH to isolate phytochemical constituents i.e. pentamethoxy flavone. The determination of extracted phytochemical constituents were done by IR spectra and High Performance Liquid Chromatography of Column C-18. The acute toxicity of isolated drug pentamethoxy flavone against some pathogens i.e. Bacteria against gram positive and gram negative were done by microbial study and the antioxidant effectiveness were assessed by Fentons reaction and IC50 value were found by plotting a graph between percentage of TBARS inhibition and concenteration of drug and the anticancer in vitro activity were assessed on B16F10 Melanoma cancer cells by Tryphan Blue Dyes Exclusion Test. The present study reveal that the phytochemical constituents i.e. pentamethoxy flavone from leaves of Vitex negundo have exhibit satisfactory antioxidant, antibacterial activity and anticancerous activity that may be use for the development of antioxidants and antibiotics for effective protection of free radicals and various bacterial causing diseases and for the inhibition of cancerous cells.

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