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Study on in-situ synthesis of AL-TiC composite by self propagating high temperature synthesis process

Author(s): A.K.Chaubey, K.G.Prashanth, N.Ray, Zhi Wang

Aluminum reinforced in-situ TiC particulate composites were successfully synthesized using mechanicallymilledAl-Ti-C powder by self-propagating high temperature synthesis (SHS) process. The reaction for the formation of TiC fromthe elementalAl, Ti&Cwas studied. The results showthe compact density of the preform has a significant effect on the SHS reaction. No reaction was observed when the compact density falls below 68% of the theoretical density. However, with an increase in density from 68 to 80%, thermal explosion reaction was observed in the Al-melt. Field emission scanning electronmicroscopy (FESEM) and energy dispersive x-ray analysis (EDX) confirmed the evolution and fine distribution of TiC in the matrix.

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