Study of the evaporation ofTunisian brine (ChottEl Jerid) comparison between the sequences of crystallization experimental and theoretical

Author(s): S.Attia-Essaies, L.Zayani, D.Ben Hassen Chehimi, M.Trabelsi-Ayadi

The evaporation of a Tunisian brine sample involving the system Na+, K+, Mg2+/ Cl- SO4 2--H2O was studied under atmospheric pressure and at temperature roomequal to 298 K. The selective densities of precipitation of halite (NaCl) and the co-precipitation of halite and sylvinite (KCl), and the co-precipitation of halite sylvinite and epsomite (MgSO4.7H2O), were determined. The sequence of crystallization determined experimentally has been compared with the theoretically sequence.

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