Study of structural, dielectric and electrical properties of sol-gel prepared Zr-modified BaTiO3 ceramic

Author(s): K.Gupta, P.C.Jana

Polycrystalline samples of Zr doped BaTiO3 with a general formula Ba(Zrx Ti1-x) O3(x =0.0, 0.05,0.1, 0.2) have been synthesized by sol-gel technique. Structural analysis of the compound shows that there is a slight distortion in the perovskite crystal on Zr doping at Ti -site. Detailed analysis of dielectric constant(ER) and dissipation factor(tan ) at different temperatures(roomtemperature to 2000C) at 10kHz, 100kHz, 1MHz and frequencies(100Hz to 4MHz) shows little relaxor type behavior upto 10 atomic percent Zr doping at Ti-site.Adiffuse phase transition is observed in these compositions. D.C. resistivity after Tc shows a slight temperature dependence indicating suitable for temperature sensitive detector. Higher amount of Zr diminishes Ferro-electric property. The competition between randomness and interaction between the polar micro-grains may be the cause of temperature independent of resistivity at higher temperature.

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