Study of structural and optical properties forMgOfilms prepared by using chemical spray pyrolysis technique

Author(s): Abdulazeez O.Mousa, NoorA.Nema, Saleem H.Trier

Transparent dielectric thin films of (MgO) has been deposited on glass substrate at different temperatures (400,450, and 500) oC, and thickness kept at (80±5) nm in all cases by spray pyrolysis technique. The thermal behavior of the (MgO) is described in the results of X-ray diffraction (XRD), and atomic force microscopy (AFM). The (XRD) results indicated that the synthesized MgO thin films have a pure (FCC) structure. The films crystallize in a cubic structure and (XRD) measurements have shown that the polycrystalline (MgO) films prepared at temperature 400oC with (111) and (200) orientations are changed to (220) orientation at(450)oCand the appearance of new diffraction peak of preferred orientation (311). At a temperature of(500)oC was vanished two peaks(111) and (200) finally. The surface morphology of the prepared (MgO) thin films was examined by(AFM). It showed that the surface roughness decreases a rise in substrate temperature. The measurements (UV-is) showed that films prepared at a temperature of (500)oC had the highest increase in the optical transmittance (> 96%) were found on the energy gap directly change from (4.25-4.38) eV at a temperature of (450)oC and (4.38 - 4.52) eV, at a temperature of(500)oC.

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