Studies on thermal and morphological characteristics of bismaleimides modified polysulfone epoxy networks

Author(s): R.Rajasekaran, M.Alagar

The effect of incorporation of bismaleimides and bisphenol – A based polysulfone (PSF) into epoxy has been studied. The formulated matrices were characterized in terms of FTIR, DSC, TGA, HDT, thermal ageing characteristics, SEMand water absorption behaviour. The incorporation of both polysulfone and bismaleimide into epoxy resin enhances the glass transition temperature and thermal degradation temperature according to their percentage content. Among the bismaleimides modified polysulfone epoxy systems, BMI-2 modified PS-epoxy systems exhibit better thermal properties than that of other two bismaleimides. SEM analysis showed a homogeneousmorphology thatwould lead to the conclusion of the existence of interpenetrating network.

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