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Studies on the Addition of Activated Charcoal in Herbal Shampoo

Author(s): Swaminathan Detchanamurthy

The aim is to formulate a shampoo containing activated carbon which clears sebum, dirt, dandruff in hair. In this shampoo activated charcoal is added for effective removal of dust and toxic substances. Natural ingredients are used to prepare this shampoo, an emphasis on safety and efficacy, which will avoid the risk posed by chemical ingredients. The herbs like Sikakai, Reetha, Aavaram poo, Tulasi, Nannari, Vetti verr, Lemon skin, Rose flower, Kuppaimeni, Amala, Hibiscus, Mint and Methi is selected to formulate the herbal shampoo powder. In recent times, use of activated charcoal has become a most sought method for various purification techniques based on adsorption. It is used as one of the ingredients in cosmetics, tooth pastes and brushes. Activated charcoal also finds application in health care technologies. The shampoo is prepared and it is tested for various parameters such as physical appearance, pH and percentage of solid contents, dirt dispersion, cleaning action, surface tension and detergency ability.

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