Studies on dielectric and magnetic properties of Co-Ni-Mn ferrite system

Author(s): K.Y.Rajpure, P.K.Chougule, R.C.Kambale1, Y.D.Kolekar, C.H.Bhosale

The structural, dielectric and magnetic properties of the spinel ferrite systemCo0.7-xNixMn0.3Fe2O4 (x = 0.05, 0.1, 0. 15) have been reported. Polycrystalline samples of this series have been prepared by the double sintering ceramic method. The phase identification and structural parameters such as the lattice constant and x-ray density have been determined by using X-ray diffraction technique.An IR studies show the presence of absorption bands at around 600 cm-1 (í1) and 400 cm-1 (í2); these indicate the presence of tetrahedral and octahedral group complexes, respectively, within the spinel lattice. The dielectric behavior of the system has been studied by measuring the real () dielectric constant in the frequency range 20Hz-1MHz at room temperature. All compositions exhibit normal dielectric dispersion behavior, attributed toMaxwell–Wagner type interfacial polarization mechanism. The room temperature magnetization measurements showed that the saturation magnetization (Ms) increases with increase in Ni content, which is an anomalous behavior observed than that of expected. The maximum Ms of 82 emu/gm is observed for composition x = 0.15 which will be best suitable constituent phase for making the ferrite- ferroelectric magnetoelectric compositematerials in future.

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