Studies On Antibacterial Potential Of Aloe Vera Fresh Gel, Latex And Commercially Available Powders

Author(s): D.H.Tambekar, B.S.Khante, S.Deb, S.B.Dahikar

Aloe vera is a medicinal herb that has been benefiting mankind for thousands of years. The comparative antibacterial activities of Aloe vera fresh gel, latex and commercially available powder on pathogenic bacteria were studied. The antibacterial potential of aloe gel and latex were tested by agar gel well diffusion technique and found that E.coli was highly sensitive to aloe latex followed by Pr.vulgaris, Sal. typhimurium, Staph. aureus, Ps.aeruginosa, Ps.aeruginosa, Sal.typhi, Ent. aerogenes and least with Staph. Epidermidis. In case of aloe gel, the Pr.vulgaris was maximally sensitive followed by Staph. aureus, Staph. Epidermidis. The various solvent extracts of commercial Aloe vera powder were weak antibacterial. The study concluded that the fresh aloe gel and latex has the higher degree of antibacterial potential as compared to commercial available aloe powders.

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