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Structure and mechanical properties of modified tin- antimony- lead bearing alloy

Author(s): Abu Bakr El-Bediwi, MaisonGrayb, MustafaKamal

Influence of adding alloying elements such as copper, aluminum, bismuth and indium on microstructureand mechanical properties of Sn80Sb15Pb5 alloy have been investigated.Allmeasured properties, such as elastic modulus, internal friction and Vickers hardnessof Sn80Sb15Pb5alloy varied after adding these alloying elements due to a change in its matrix structure. Matrix microstructure, (such as formed phases, lattice parameters and crystal size), of Sn80Sb15Pb5 alloy varied after adding Cu,Al, Bi and In contents as shown in x-ray diffraction analysis and scanning electron micrographs. The Sn78Sb15Pb5Cu2alloy has best bearing properties, lower internal friction, higher hardness, self-lubricate and adequate coast for automotive applications.

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