Structural, temperature comportment and electrical study of the ceramic matrix system (SiO2-Fe2O3-MoO3):Nb2O5

Author(s): C.C.Silva, T.S.M.Fernandes, M.A.S.Silva, A.S.B.Sombra

In this paper we present a study the structural, temperature comportment and electrical properties of the ceramic system SiO2–MoO3–Fe2O3:Nb2O5. The phasesA(SiO2-Fe2O3-MoO3), B(SiO2-Fe2O3-MoO3 + 0.3%weightmolar Nb2O5) and C (SiO2-Fe2O3-MoO3 + 0.5%weightmolar Nb2O5)was prepared through the solid state reaction. The samples were analyzed byX-Ray Powder Diffraction (XRD) together with the Rietveld refinement, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Energy-Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) analysis. The dielectric propertieswere measured in the frequency range 1Hz–1MHz as a function of temperature.The TemperatureCapacitance Coefficient (TCC) wasmeasured for all samples. The obtained results are discussed and correlated with the preparation method. The obtained results suggest that this ceramic matrix is a good candidate for temperature sensing.

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