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Structural studies of transition metal doped soda lime silicate glass using deconvolution method

Author(s): E.M.Khalil, F.H.ElBatal, Y.M.Hamdy, H.M.Zidan, M.S.Aziz, A.M.Abdelghany

Deconvolutionmethod is applied to infrared (IR) absorption spectra of some prepared undoped and transition metals doped soda-lime-silicate glasses in the region of 400-4000 cm-1. IR spectra were analyzed to determine and differentiate the various vibrational modes by applying the deconvolution method to the IR spectra from which the first sight reveals close similarity between the different transition metals (TM’s) -doped samples, but careful inspection indicates some minor differences depending on the type of TM ions. These observed data are correlated with the similarity of the 3d orbitals in the neutral atoms and when the atoms are ionized, the 3d orbitals becomes more stable than the 4s orbitals.

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