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Structural role of BaO and PbO in BaO-PbO-B2O3 glasses

Author(s): H.Doweidar, G.El-Damarawi, E.El-Agammy

FTIR spectra of three BaO-PbO-B2O3 glass series have been analyzed xBaO (30-x)PbO70B2O3 (0x 30mol%), xBaO(40-x)PbO60B2O3 (0x 40mol%) and xBaO (50-x)PbO 50B2O3 (0x 50 mol%). The fraction N4 of four coordinated boron is constant with increasing the BaO content, at the expense of PbO in the first two series and then N4 decreases in the third series. By using Doweidar’s Differential change model to make use of the N4 data and follow the change in the modifier and nonbridging fractions of BaO and in themodifier and former fractions of PbO. These fractions change markedly, at different rates, with the glass composition.

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