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Structural optical and electrical properties of vacuum evaporated indium doped zinc telluride thin films

Author(s): Jayadev Pattar, Shilpa N.Sawant, M.Nagaraja, N.Shashank, K.M.Balakrishna, Ganesh Sanjeev, H.M.Mahesh

ZnTe thin films were prepared on a glass substrate using thermal evaporation method under the vacuum of 10-5 Torr. Prepared films were doped with Indium by ion exchange process and the conductivity of the doped films was found to be increased by two orders ofmagnitude.AFMand XRD results indicated that ZnTe thin filmpossesses crystalline structure after doping. The optical energy gap (Eg) as calculated from the optical absorption spectra, was found to decrease with doping concentrations. The results of these studies are presented and discussed in this paper.

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