Structural, electrical and optical properties of ATO thin films fabricated by dip coating method

Author(s): T.M.Hammad, N.K.Hejazy

Antimony-doped tin oxideATO thin films were prepared by dip coating method. The effect of antimony doping on the structural, electrical and optical properties of tin oxide thin films were investigated. Tin(II) chloride dehydrate (SnCl2·4H2O) and antimony(III) chloride (SbCl3) were used as a host and a dopant precursor. X-ray diffraction analysis showed that the non-doped SnO2 thin film had a preferred (211) orientation, but as the Sb-doping concentration increased, a preferred (200) orientation was observed. The lowest resistivity (about 5.4 ×10-3 Ù.cm) was obtained for the 2 at.% Sb-doped films. Antimony-doping led to an increase in the carrier concentration and a decrease inHallmobility. The transmittance ofATO films was observed to increase to 96%at 2 at.%Sb-doping, and then it is decreased for higher level of antimony doping.

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