Structural and magnetic properties of Zn-Mg-Ti ferrite system

Author(s): D.M.Sapkal, P.K.Chougule, R.T.Sapkal, S.A.Gawali, C.H.Bhosale

Polycrystalline spinel ferrites of ZnXMg(1-X+t)TitF2-2tO4 (where t=0.05 and x=0.2, 0.4, 0.6) series are prepared with traditional double sintering ceramic method. The structural and surface morphological studies are carried out by using X ray diffraction and scanning electron microscope.An IR studies shows the absorption bands at around 600 cm-1 (í1) and 400 cm-1 (í2); this indicate the presence of tetrahedral and octahedral group complexes, respectively. Magnetization curves taken at roomtemperature showed that saturationmagnetization increases with increase in Zn content. The value ofmagnetic moment per formula unit increases up to x=0.4 and the sample become nonmagnetic forx=0.6.

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