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Stone apple reinforced clay composite

Author(s): T.Choudhury, N.M.Misra

Natural Fibers in biocomposites have grown because they are light weight, combustible, non toxic, low cost, and easy to recycle. Lack of good interfacial adhesion, poor resistance to moisture absorption, and poor thermal stability, make the use of natural fiber reinforced composites less attractive. In this paper, these drawbacks have been tried to overcome by using stone apple as natural fiber for reinforced biocomposites which show remarkable thermal stability and interfacial adhesion. Thermal Stability has been studied using DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimeter) while SEM (Sacnning ElectronMicrograph) and FTIR (Fourier TransformIR spectroscopy) show strong interfacial adhesion between fibers of stone apple and clay polymer matrix. Thus this paper aims to make a greenmaterial.

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