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Steady-state and transient electron transport in bulk ZnO and Zn1-xMgxO semiconductors

Author(s): F.Nofeli, H.Arabshahi, M.H.Tayarani

In thiswork, an investigation of the steady-state electron transport and transient electron transport at high electric field and low-field electron mobility characteristics ofwurtzite ZnO and Zn1_xMgxO are examined using the ensembleMonte Carlo model. TheMonte Carlo calculations are carried out using a three-valley model for the systems under consideration. The following scattering mechanisms, i.e, impurity, polar optical phonon and acoustic phonon are included in the calculation. Themaximumelectron drift velocity that is obtained at room temperature for 1023 m-3 donor concentrations is 2.36×107 cms-1 for ZnOin threshold field 461 kV/cm.While the maximum electron drifts velocity is 1.65×107 cms-1 for Zn0.95Mg0.05O in threshold field 861 kV/cm. Themaximumelectronmobility for ZnO886 cm2/ V.s and for Zn1_xMgxO in variuos amount x=0.05, 0.1 and 0.2 is 304, 132 and 33 cm2/V.s respectively. It can be seen the peak drift velocity for bulk ZnO is 2.36×107 cms-1, while for Zn1_xMgxO the peak drift velocity decreases due to increasing electron effective mass. The electron mobility of Zno is more than ZnMgo alloysat all temperatures becauseelectron mobility behavior dependence on effective mass and ionized impurity concentration.

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