Sorption Modles Of Lead(II) Ions Onto Agricultural Tuber Waste Bio Mass

Author(s): I.A.Okoro

The sorption capacities of tuber agricultural wastes for the removal of lead(II) ion fromaqueous solution were studied. The data obtained therefore were modeled using two physical chemistry isotherm models; Langmuir and Dubinin-Radushkevichmodels respectively. The results of these modeling showed that each of these tuber waste biomass fitted into these established models. The Qmax obtained from the modeling was thus;Qmax for yampeels>Qmax for cassava peels>Qmax for sweet potato peels. The sorption energy obtains showed a reverse trend:- sweet potato peels>cassava peels>yam peels. The obtained langmuir constants for these tuber waste biomass are closely related in values.

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