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Solidificationmechanisms occurring in horizontal continuous casting. part 4: kinetics of dynamic skin solidification IN the ‘hot’ apparatus

Author(s): Patrice Berthod

A‘hot’ apparatus was designed and exploited to simulate the solidification mechanisms of horizontal continuous casting or other similar processes without meniscus. Some of the tubes obtained presented particular longitudinal prominences on external surface. The understanding of their appearance led to imagine a particularmould with a series ofmore or less long linear cavities, for specifying the development kinetic of the dynamic skin. Solidifying tubes in such experimentalmould allowed deducing the growth speed of the dynamic skin downwardly alongthemouldwall. Some datawere also obtained for the inwardly transversal thickening of the tubes, by exploiting the microstructural size of ledeburite, in the case of the ones fabricated in white cast iron.

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Table of Contents

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