Solidificationmechanisms occurring in horizontal continuous casting. Part 3: cross-sectional characterization of themetallic tubes obtaine dwith the ‘hot’ apparatus

Author(s): Patrice Berthod, Denis Girardin, Fabien Arnould

A‘hot’ apparatus working with molten cast iron and especially designed for reproducing the solidification conditions of meniscus-free solidification to simulate the formation of the external circumferential marks surrounding the steel half-products produced by horizontal continuous casting led to tubes the various external surface aspects of which were macroscopically characterized. In the presentwork the tubeswere cut and the obtained parts prepared asmetallographic samples.The cross-sectional profiles of the two types ofmarks as well as of the wrinckles appearing at low extraction speed were analysed. Themicrostructures of the samples were additionally observed by regards with the conditions of fabrication. Furthermore the particular microstructures in the skin were examined by regards to its double growthmodes.

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