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Solidification mechanisms occurring in horizontal continuous casting. part 5:Mechanisms of solidification

Author(s): Patrice Berthod

After having described, in the previous parts of this work, the external particularities of the organic or metallic pieces solidified in the ‘cold’ and ‘hot’ simulation devices, and the microstructural ones in the obtained SG and white cast iron pieces, as well as the real-time development of first skin and its kinetics, this final part will give a microscopic description of the mechanisms which allow the development of the dynamic skin. This description, extrapolated fromwhat is known for vertical continuous casting with presence of a meniscus, will allowexplaining all the particular features observed on the organic and metallic pieces solidified in the two simulation apparatus, as well as of course the ones appearing on surface of the steel half products industrially fabricated in horizontal continuous casting.

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Table of Contents

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