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Sol-gel synthesis of TiO2 nano powder and study of their gas sensing performance using thick film resistors

Author(s): Revannath D.Nikam, G.H.Jain, S.S.Gaikwad, V.B.Gaikwad

Nano size TiO2 powder with anatase and rutile structure was prepaired by a sol-gel method using TiCl4 ethanol solution. The TiCl4 acts as precursor in this reaction. The obtained product was with grain size of 2.80 nm. The obtained product consist of both rutile and anatase phases. These phase formed after drying of gel at 800C. The proportion of anatase to rutile was 6:8. The high proportion of rutile phase responsible for higher gas sensitivity. The thermal stability of nano product tested using TGA-DTA technique. The nano size structure of TiO2 was confirmed by X-Ray Diffraction Spectroscopy (XRD), Field Emission Scanning ElectronMicroscopy (FESEM). The gas sensitivity of material tested by preparing thick film by screen printing technique for this the thixotropic paste of material was prepared by using ethyl cellulose and butyl cellulose. The gas sensing performance of this thick film was tested for gases like ethanol, CO2, H2S, NH3, CO, Cl2, gases and observed maximumsensitivity for H2S gas at 3500C.

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