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Sensors Based on Biomimetic Porphyrin Derivatives and their Hybrid Combinations

Author(s): Eugenia Fagadar-Cosma

Porphyrins are usually hydrophobic π-conjugated macrocycles and as a consequence organic building blocks for supramolecular chemistry, providing in this way the required optoelectronic and morphological properties for several types of sensors. Besides, porphyrins possess huge capacity for chemical functionalization by peripheral substitution and by using them in hybrid combination with polymers, photonic, electronic and magnetic compounds. Polymeric membranes incorporating porphyrins and wide band absorption hybrid materials were prepared from different porphyrins and metalloporphyrins and silver or gold nanoparticles with the purpose to develop optical and electrochemical detection of hydrogen peroxide, gases or anions and cations. These hybrids showed their detection potential in early medical diagnosis, in establishing pharmaceutical compounds toxicological limits or in monitoring of technical processes.

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