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Readership Metrics (By Google Analytics)

Readership Metrics (By Google Analytics)

Research and Reviews in Electrochemistry publishes academic and scholarly articles covering a wide range of topics related to electrochemical energy conversion, conservation, and storage, new battery systems, fuel cells, super capacitor, solar cells, power delivery, industrial synthesis, environmental remediation, cell design, corrosion, electric and magnetic field effects, computational and theoretical electrochemistry, electrochemical reaction engineering, bioenergetics and signal transduction, biomembranes and model membranes, medical applications of electrochemistry and bio-electrochemistry, electrochemical treatment of effluents, molten state and solid state electrochemistry, surface finishing, electroplating, electrodeposition, sensors, and applications of molecular electrochemistry.

Popularity of the Research and Reviews in Electrochemistry can be ascertained by the reader’s interest, curiosity and support, which is estimated from the response we have been receiving from diverse geographical regions all across the world.

Google Analytics Metrics for the Research & Reviews in Electrochemistry

A statistical representation of global users for Research & Reviews in Electrochemistry (Source: Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

A statistical representation of global users for Research & Reviews in Electrochemistry (Source: Google Analytics)

  • The visitor’s traffic is the benchmark for the success of any scientific journal and the Research & Reviews in Electrochemistry is constantly attracting viewers across the world.
  • According to the Google Analytics, more than 3216 readers are visiting to our journal websites for submitting manuscripts, to browse the latest research published on diabetes and metabolism and to refer the published content for conceptualizing their research study, deriving research hypotheses, case reports and validating their contributions.
  • Readers from the major countries including United States, Japan, United Kingdom, India, Egypt and Nigeria visit our journal domain to learn about the ongoing research activities in this field.

Online Journal popularity and reasons for priority enlisting in search engines (Source: Google)

  • The journal publishes peer-reviewed content under open access creative commons attribution license making it easily accessible and utilizable. Hence the primary motto in visiting our journal site is to read, access, share, and circulate the scholarly information.
  • A great majority of authors are visiting our scholarly journal to submit their research contributions and retrieving archived content for research purposes as well as for continuing education.
  • The journal renders authors an outstanding opportunity to publish their contributions to increase their visibility to the global scientific community and thus obtaining international recognition from their fellow researchers.
  • The articles published in this journal are receiving attention from a large number of researchers, scientists, academicians, students, professionals, research communities as well as receiving regular citations.
  • The journal considers the value of each article contribution and therefore, generates excellent profile sites for the each author and institution which helps the author and the respective institution to grab attention from all over the world.

Analysis on global internet users of (By Google Analytics)

A statistical analysis on global internet users of (By Google Analytics)

Visitor Analysis Report

Trade Science Journal operates more than 300 journals covering a wide range of subjects including Clinical, Biological, Biomedical, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Business and Management.

The metrics and benchmark details furnished below reflect the popularity of our journals among the academic, scientific, industrial and general community. Authors and Editors profiles enlisted in our sites are gaining tremendous response as they are greatly shared and viewed by the colleagues and acquaints online.

Trade Science Journal Publishing Web Metrics (By Google Analytics)

  • 851,719 Million+ Users
  • 2,113,124 Million+ Page views
  • 1,075,227 Sessions at the rate of 1.97 per user

Trade Science Journal Journals have so far received 1,075,227 sessions which confirm the outstanding pool of new users and visitors. Trade Science Journals works on Open Access publishing model, hence they are the best choice for the scholars and authors worldwide. We understand the importance of timely communication and our efficient and quick review process avoids unnecessary delays in the production, publication and circulation of the published material worldwide with in no time while enhancing the visibility of the authors and conferring credibility to scholars and readers.

The promotion of the individual author contributions is taken care of and hence the authors enjoy the reputation among global audience. Trade Science Journals values the contributions by the authors and takes adequate measures in propagating and promoting their outcomes by permanently archiving as well.