Selective Leaching of Uranium from Recent Deposits of Wadi El Reddah Stream Sediments, Northeastern Desert, Egypt

Author(s): Desouky OA, Mira H, El-Feky MG and Abed NS

The leachability of recent uranium deposits from stream sediments at wadi El Reddah area, Northeastern desert, Egypt are investigated as a part of ongoing plan for uranium exploration. Extensive laboratory scale leaching tests were carried out to optimize various process parameters for maximizing the recovery of uranium. Leaching parameters like temperature, agitation time, grinding size, solid/liquid ratio; leaching agents, oxidant, etc. were carried out. The maximum leaching of uranium (91.93%) was found after 2 hours of leaching using sulphuric acid, maintained at solid/liquid ratio of 1:5 at 160°C. Temperature plays a significant odd role in leaching percent of uranium. The present paper provides a new approached of detailed account of optimization of various process parameters.

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