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Resuming Business in a COVID Normal Environment

Author(s): Akindeju M. K.

Although pandemics of its scale and geographical coverage are not unprecedented as widely claimed, coronavirus continues to pose novel and complex challenges to governments, businesses, and individuals. Governments had and continue to have obligations to respond speedily with both health and economic policies to prevent irrevocable damages to their respective economies and sovereignties-some more successful than others. The speed at which governments responded meant there had to be incremental knowledge on the virus, hence public health handling methodologies and policies morphed from form to form in the face of balancing economic realities with health imperatives, inadequate supplies of personal protective equipment and manpower. Amongst all these, MKPro Engineering Pty Ltd identified a critical oversight as of May 2020 official advice had not recognized that aerosol mode of transmission was clearly feasible and was of grave danger. In our modelling, we mathematically established that coronavirus, at published mass of 33.8kDa and 1million cells/mL cluster density, is about 22 billion times lighter than air, and can be air-borne, hence able to travel as aerosol particles under suitable conditions for at least several meters before the aerosols become considerably dispersed.

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