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Recycling of vulcanized rubber waste to cationic exchanger by treating with toluene and oleum

Author(s): Aisha Khalaf, Bahjat Falazi

Waste rubber wheels, are a wealth in industrialized countries and in some countries that have been able to devise scientific ways to take advantage of them. we have studied a transformation the vulcanized rubber waste (car rims) into cationic exchanger. The rubber waste is milled into small pieces except the layer containing the steel wire, then processed with sulfuric acid and toluene to insert aromatic toluene rings to the double bonds found in polybutadiene and polyisoprene, which represent about half the weight of the wheel. The next stage is the sulfonization of the aromatic rings produced with smoked sulfuric acid (oleum), thereby obtaining a cationic exchanger. Some chemical-physical properties of the prepared exchanger (acid capacity, exchange capacity, distribution coefficients, water of bloating, stability of the exchanger towards reactivation processes) were studied. The prepared exchanger is characterized by good acidic and reciprocal capacity and stability towards reactivation processes

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