Recycling of plastic waste as green corrosion inhibitors for steel in different corrosivemedia

Author(s): R.S.AbdelHameed

The present article is intended to report a series of works aimed to alleviate of the environmental pollution by converting plastic waste into useful products, and to evaluate the inhibition action of plastic waste on the corrosion of steel alloys, in different aqueous media. Poly (ethylenterphthalate),PET plastic waste was used as cheap and safe corrosion inhibitors for steel in hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid,formic acid, nitric acidcorrosive media, and in aqueous NaCl corrosive medium.The present article reports the evaluation of Poly (ethylenterphthalate),PETwaste and their modified products as corrosion inhibitors for steel in different media by chemical and electrochemical measurements.

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