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Recent developments in dye sensitized titanium dioxide solar cells

Author(s): S.Ramalakshmi, P.Shakkthivel*

Dwindling energy crisis has to be alleviated with the help of latest developed new technologies. The emerging novel concept in harvesting solar radiation may pave the way for enhanced non-polluting, green and sustainable energy sources development. Although conventional solar cells were built frominorganicmaterials for high efficiency, their usage is limited because of its high cost and complicated processing techniques. Photoelectrochemical cells (dye sensitized solar cells) are the cheap alternatives for conventional solar cell consists of transparent conducting glass electrode coated with porous nanocrystalline TiO2 (nc-TiO2), adsorbed dye sensitizer along with redox electrolyte. The blends of organic and inorganic materials in hybrid solar cells offer an unique property in designing hybrid inexpensive and high efficiency photovoltaic (PV) sources. Conjugated polymers can be tailored for band gap uniformity and easy exciton evolutions with reduced exciton decay. The recombination of back electron transfer is diminished by producing barrier layer on the inorganic nanoparticle semiconductor electrodes. By selecting an optimized conducive technology in various steps of fabrication stages, efficient high photon to electricity conversion is achievable. In the present review, latest upto- date perspectives of solar cell technology are organized in various technological concepts.

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