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Preparation of strontium oxide from celestite:A review

Author(s): R.K.Tiwary, S.P.Narayan, O.P.Pandey

The present work reviews the work of different scientists for the preparation of strontium oxide from celestite by different processes. Celestite being natural ore of strontium is treated to obtain strontium oxide. The study shows that strontium oxide can be prepared by strontium metal powder or by celestite. Strontium oxide is prepared by heating strontium carbonate obtained from celestite with carbon(charcoal) in a resistence-heating furnace at high temperature(14000C). The conversion consists of multi step preparation. The final product characterization with respect to different analytical tools(physical & chemical) is necessary to get the product of desired level of puritiy. Many processes have been developed to remove the undesired impurities generally associated with the celestite ore by a number of researchers. The preparation of SrO by different methods, its advantage over other processes and utilization of by products are described. The drawback associated with all these processes are for existence of different level of impurities. The removal of impurities requires consumption of lot of chemicals, energy etc. that makes the product costly. In this reviewarticle attempt has beenmade to compare each process by categorizing them specifically. The process developed till date has been compared in terms of utilization of by product environment, energy associated with each process and the most importantly the economical part of the developed process.

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