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Preparation of highly volatile gelatinous solution for wound healing applications

Author(s): Md.Shahidul Islam, Mubarak A.Khan, Mohmmed Mizanur Rahman

Attractive properties of gelatin, such as good biocompatibility, low immunogenicity, plasticity, adhesiveness, promotion of cell adhesion and growth, and lowcost, make it ideally suitable as a biomaterial for tissue engineering. Highly volatile solution of gelatin (gel-PEG-DEE) and polyethylene glycol (PEG) in diethyl ether (DEE) was prepared for wound healing applications. The compatibility of gel-PEG-DEE with blood sample was performed that results demonstrated that the substance was fully compitable with human blood sample. In addition to this gel-PEG-DEE also showed antibacterial properties with no cytotoxicity as observed by brine shrimps analysis. The solidification time of the solution was found to be 4 sec which is extremely good as wound healing gel. The in vivo wound healing characteristics of the gel-PEG-DEE (highly volatile solution) was evaluated using rat (Rattus norvegicus) model test. Full-thickness wounds were created on the dorsal surface of the Rattus norvegicus and were treated with both gel-PEG-DEE and “eco-plaster” (control and commercially available wound healing materials) to evaluate the efficiency of the gel. The characteristic results revealed that the gel-PEG-DEE gelatinous solution was found to be more effective in the healing of rat wound than the commercial eco-plast.

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