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Preparation of high entropy alloy thin film fenicobimn by electroplating deposition method

Author(s): Maosheng Zheng, Yang Li, Jun Hu, Yuan Zhao, Lijun Yu

High entropy alloy has excellent performance, such as high mechanical property, thermal stability and corrosion resistance, etc., as compared to the traditional alloys, which presents a high research value and great potential application in industry. It might be an alternative material that could be used in ultra high temperature and corrosion resistant equipments in future. This paper reports the preparation of FeNiCoBiMn high entropy alloy film by electroplating deposition method, and the test results of microscopic observation, energy dispersive spectrometer and X-ray diffraction analysis. Research results indicates that the film is amorphous, the molar content of each element in the high entropy alloy film is greater than 5%, the surface of the filmis granular structure with grain size of about 1µm. It provides a new way for exploring preparation of high entropy alloy.

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