Preparation and characterization of nanosize LiMn2O4 cathodes for lithium ion battery

Author(s): B.M.Praveen, V.S.Reddy Channu, Sun-Il Mho, Thieu Minh Triet

The LiMn2O4 nanosized particles were synthesized using sol-gel, solid state reaction followed by hydrothermalmethod and traditional solid statemethod. The obtained nanosized particleswere characterized byXRD and SEM. The samples were found to possess pure spinel phase with different particle size and shape. The electrochemical characterization of the nanosized particles was analyzed using charge-discharge cycling. The discharge capacity valueswere 120mAh g-1, 110mAh g-1 and 90mAh g-1 for nanorods, nanoparticles and micron sized particles respectively. Cathodemade with nanorods exhibits better cycling performance than the cathodes made with nanoparticle andmicro particles.

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