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Preparation and characterization of magnetic hollow glass microspheres by electroless plating

Author(s): Wen-Bin Yang, Xiao-Hong Tang, Xiao-Ping Hu, Chao Wang, Yuan-Lin Zhou

Magnetic hollow glass microspheres (HGM) were prepared by electroless plating technique. Morphology, composition, structure, infrared radiation and magnetic property of hollow glass microspheres before and after platingwere characterized by SEM, EDS,XPS,XRD, IRandVSM, respectively. The results showed that Ni-P plating, composed of particles of 1~2 ìm diameters, was uniformly coated on surfaces of HGM. Because of the existence of Ni-P plating, peak intensity of the plated HGMin IR and XRD were lower than those before. Since the plated HGM own anti-infrared radiation and magnetic property, they are useful in some special areas.

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