Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite doped PVP/PVA blend as bioactive material

Author(s): I.S.Elashmawi, H.E.Abdel Baieth

This system is focusing on characterization and spectroscopic studies of PVAand PVP blend and the blend filled with various mass fractions (2.5, 5 and 10%) of HAp because it has great potential for applications in the medical purposes. The films have been prepared by solution casting technique. The characteristic properties of the filmswere examined by FT-IR, Xray, SEM, TGAand DSCtechniques fromroomtemperature to 300 C.XRD scans revealed the semicrystalline nature of the prepared films and demonstrated that complexation between the blend and the HAp. SEMand thermal studies confirmed these results. Three main weight loss regions were observed in TGA thermograms that reveal reduction in the thermal stability of the prepared samples as HAp content increases. Threemain transition peaks were observed in DSCwith a single Tg which indicates a goodmiscibility of the films. So, the present work can be used in various bio-applications.

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