Preparation and characterization of cadmium telluride thin films by chemical bath deposition method

Author(s): P.P.Hankare, K.C.Rathod, M.R.Asabe, A.V.Jadhav, K.M.Garadkar

Crystalline cadmiumtelluride thin filmhas been deposited using appropriate precursor solution containing cadmium sulphate, triethanolamine, sodium hydroxide, Ammonia and Sodium telluro sulphate in aqueous alkaline mediumat 335K. The filmswere characterized byX-ray diffraction(XRD), scanning electronmicroscopy, optical absorption spectra and electricalmeasurements. The colour of formed filmwas found to be light gray. The crystalline phase of the deposited sample was cubic type. Optical absorption spectra showed the presence of direct transition with band gap energy 1.45eV. The electrical resistivity of CdTe thin film was found to the order of 106(cm)1. Thermoelectric power(TEP) measurement showed n-type electrical conduction.

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