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Pre-crystallization study of Ge15 Te85-x Inx (where x = 6 and 8 at. %) chalcogenide glasses using differential calorimetric technique

Author(s): S.Abouelhassan, G.Eldallal, F.R.Al-Solamy, A.Al-Hossain

Pre-crystallization kinetic study of the Ge15 Te85-x Inx system(where x = 6 and 8 at. %) has been carried out under non-isothermal conditions. Two endothermic peaks have been detected in the DTA traces of the system where each peak is characterized by an onset temperature (To) and peak temperature (Tp). Five models have been used to analyze our results. The apparent activation energy of glass transition at the onset temperature (Eo) and at the peak temperature (Ep) have been carried out by means of three methods (Kissinger,Mahadevan and Ozawa-Chenmodels), whileMatusita and JMA models were used to deduce(Eo) and (Ep) by means of the area analysis method of the endothermic peaks. The results indicated that (Tp) was the most suitable temperature to deduce the apparent activation energy of glass transition when Kissinger, Mahadevan and Ozawa-Chen models were applied. Kissinger’s model was found to be the most suitable one to analyze our resultswhen the former three methods were applied, while Ozawa-Chen model was the most suitable model when all the five models were considered. Avrami index (n) and the reaction factor (Ko) were deduced, where two and one dimensional regimes of growth for the first and second endothermic peaks respectively were found.

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