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Polyurethane coatings based on biomass resources

Author(s): Jigar V.Patel, Kalpesh I.Patel, Brijesh K.Parikh

Polyurethane resins are largely used in high performance Surface Coatings, Paints and Inks. Fast reduction of petroleumstockpile and increase in their cost, puts limit to their use in future for invention of petroleum based resins. As a result, the need for consumption of biomass resources as a replacement to petrochemicals products is vital. In the present work, the utilization of biomass resources is done in the preparation of polyurethane coatings. Lignocellulosic waste comprising ofMast Seed andWater Hynth wastewere liquefied usingPEG(200,400 and 600) in presence of acidCatalyst. The various lowmolecular weight liquefied waste biopolyols obtained were evaluated for their characterization like hydroxyl value, viscosity and FTIR. The series of Polyester biopolyols were prepared from these different low molecular weight liquefied waste biopolyols by reacting them withAdipic acid and propylene glycol, andwere characterized for their Physico-chemical properties. Polyurethane coating systems were formulated by reacting Polyester biopolyols and aromatic diisocynate adduct. Coated films of PU are found to have best Physico-chemical and performance properties.

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