Pmeasurment of differentmechanical properies of fiber glass at variousconcentrations of different samples

Author(s): Zia-Ul-Haq,Azim Khan Khattak, Farmanulla Khan,AliAtha , Shahid Ullah Khan, Nighat Jabeen,AmirMiraj UlHussain Shah, FarmanAliKhan

Fiber glass belongs to polymer metrics composites (PMCs). Fiberglass is widely used in the preparation of constructive materials, decorative materials, weather proofingmaterials, automotive parts and spares,packing materials, furniture, bus bodies, storage tanks, piping, house building, aero planes, chairs, tables, in the preparation of various instruments etc. The reason for such important applications of fiberglass is that it is hard like steel and iron materials but have advantage over these that it is not rusted. It has also low weight like plastic materials. It can also be recycled and reused. In our current study we have prepared various samples of Fiberglass by hand lay –up operation method and studied the mechanical properties of these samples using Universal Test Machine. The effect of changing concentrations of various constituents is studied.

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