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Plasma enhanced synthesis of stimuli responsive membranes

Author(s): K.Smoliñska, M.Bryjak

Porous polycarbonate and polypropylene membranes were grafted with stimuli responsive polymers that formed brush-like structure. The grafting from mode was applied. Efficiency of modification was compared for two kinds of plasma - dielectric barrier discharge plasma andmicrowave plasma. The following thermo- and pH-sensitive polymers were used poly(Nizopropyloakryamide), poly(propylene oxide-co-ethylene oxide) and poly(acrylic acid). It was found that grafted membranes showed different water permeability when temperature and pH changed and their responses to external stimuliwere related to the kind of used membranemostly. It was noted that the use of both plasmas resulted in preparation of membranes with similar grafting yield. Taking into account the simplicity of equipment used, the dielectric barrier discharge plasma has been suggested for preparation of such nanostructured membranes.

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