Phytochemical investigation of Peristrophe bicalyculata (retz-nees)

Author(s): B. M. Sharma, S. S. Babaria

Since ancient timeman has adopted several type of remedies fromnature, a reviewof literature reveals that from tinniest herb to tallest tree or the climber are one or the other way useful in human or animal therapy. A pioneering work was done by our Saints Charak, Shushrut and several others, which was collected in the form of vedas (Rigveda,Ayurveda) Samhita, Nighantu and Aryabhishak. Work was done by several scientists around the world which led to compilation of information with regard to Occurrence, Identification, Chemical constitution, and therapeutic properties of such drugs, particularly used in ayurvedic medicines. Nowthe great scope is there for the scientist regarding herbal therapeutics, lacs of plants have been investigated and now reinvestigation is carried out for there chemical composition and therapeutic properties as per discovery of different new diseases, Peristrophe bi- calyculatta (Retz-Nees) is reported to be the useful remedy for the treatment of Jaundice,Manorhaegia, T.B,Antiseptic andAnti-venom agent in indigenous system of medicine. We have isolated several constituents but here will be discussing isolation and characterization of Phenolic constituents which were confirmed by folin and coecaltaus reagent and then extracted and its antimicrobial activity was studied comparing it with standard allopathic drug.

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