Photoelectrocatalytic hydrolysis of starch by sprayed ZnO thin film

Author(s): R.T.Sapkal, S.S.Shinde, M.R.Sapkal, A.R.Babar, D.M.Sapkal, C.B.Jalkute, K.Y.Rajpure, P.S.Patil, K.D.Sonawane, C.H.Bhosale

Zinc oxide (ZnO) thin films of different thickness have been deposited onto glass/FTO substrates by spray pyrolysis method. The films were characterized by XRD, optical transmittance, Reflectance and SEM techniques.All the films are polycrystalline with hexagonal wurtzite structure, with c- axis growth (002) perpendicular to substrate surface. Starch was hydrolyzed by novel Photoelectrocatalytic process. Hydrolyzed starch was found to contain 60µg ml-1 of glucose and 100µg ml-1 ofmaltose.

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