Partial interaction and radiation shielding properties of bismuth barium borate glass system

Author(s): J.Kaewkhao, W.Chewpraditkul, P.Limsuwan

The mass attenuation coefficients, partial interaction and shielding properties of xBi2O3: (60-x) BaO:40B2O3 where 10x50 glass system have been investigated on the basis of the mixture rule. The results are in good agreement with the theoretical values, calculated by WinXCom. Mass attenuation coefficients and shielding properties were increased with increasing of Bi2O3 conentration, due to increasing of photoelectric absorption in glass samples, However the Compton scattering are also main interaction in total interaction. Their shielding properties are also better than ordinary shieldingmaterials. These results are indicating the possibility of lead free glasses in radiation shieldingmaterials.

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