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Optical studies of fast neutron irradiated composites of poly(vinyl alcohol) and bovine serum albumin

Author(s): Nabawia A.Abdel Zaher, Osiris W.Guirguis

The proposal in this study was to evaluate the optical properties of different biopolymers films before and after irradiation with fast neutrons. The materials used were: poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) and bovine serum albumin (BSA). PVA/BSA blends were prepared by casting technique. The effects of different BSA concentrations (2.5-15 wt%) on the optical properties by near infrared and transmittance in the spectral region 400–2500 nm of the PVA/BSAfilms were studied before and after irradiation with fast neutrons of fluence 1 x 107 n/cm2. Transmittance spectra were used for the determination of the optical constants. The results indicate that variation in the optical band gap was derived fromTauc’s extrapolation with the BSA contents. The results obtained by the effect of different weight percent of BSA were compared with that detected by the effect of fast neutron.

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